Diamond Coach Announces New Model


OSWEGO, Kan. – To meet a growing demand to carry more passengers on a medium duty chassis, Diamond Coach is pleased to announce the newest model to their portfolio, the all new VIP 3500. 

The new Diamond VIP 3500 is the largest composite bus built in North America and provides several unique benefits for tour operators, schools, and church groups.

Occupancy – The VIP 3500 offers the largest passenger rating carrying up to 36 passengers including co-pilot.  Popular floor plans include 35 passengers with overhead luggage and 31 passengers with rear luggage.   

Comfort – For longer road trips, passengers are sure to appreciate having industry leading 83” of interior headroom.  And with generous legroom between seats and 20 square feet of front viewing window, passengers will enjoy every trip.       

Visibility – With large viewing windows for each passenger row, outside viewing will be a breeze. 

Ride quality – Unlike metal buses that creak with every bump and turn, Diamond’s all composite Nida Core construction is smooth and quiet. Diamond buses provide superior sound dampening. For example, Diamond sidewalls are never glued, taped, or filled with Styrofoam.  Diamond has lowered the passenger floor level by designing a unique floor frame structure that is innovative in the bus industry.  All of these details provide the superior ride quality customers expect from a Diamond. 

“Over the past two years, Diamond Coach has elevated the overall passenger quality by providing unique design principles that are revolutionary to our industry.  This now includes the F-550 charter bus that can accommodate 36 passengers…..adding to our every growing portfolio for our loyal dealer network, ” said Kate Strickland, Chief Operations Officer. 

“We are very proud of our team here in Oswego, and look forward to future product launches that will again; announce to the bus market that Diamond Coach is a real player in the industry….as we have the longest tenure in the bus market in building buses so this is not new to our employees as they are used to setting the standard of bus construction and quality,” Strickland added.

“Our dealers have requested the ability to carry more passengers while increasing overall passenger comfort.  We believe the new VIP 3500 meets their requests.  It will be marketed in lengths of 28’, 32’, and 35’ on the Ford 450 and 550 chassis,” said Jeff Crockett, President.

Charlie Mitchell, Senior Sales Representative stated, “Diamond Coach is going to capture a new market by broadening our product line with the new F 550 bus that will afford our dealers more opportunities and another option for bus sales.”

For more information contact:

Caleb Strickland, Business Development Manager