Diamond VIP 2000

Up to 17 Passengers

Diamond VIP 2200

Up to 21 Passengers

Diamond VIP 2500

Up to 25 Passengers

Diamond VIP 2800

Up to 29 Passengers

Diamond VIP 3500

Up To 36 Passengers

Transit Nugget

Up to 14 Passengers

Stock Units

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Diamond Coach Announces New Model

To meet a growing demand to carry more passengers on a medium duty chassis, Diamond Coach is pleased to announce the newest model to their portfolio, the all new VIP 3500. 

Diamond Coach 2018 VIP Design Enhancements

Diamond Coach announces a new front cap enhancement that enhances driver and pedestrian safety while refreshing the appearance. 

Diamond Coach Announces New Product Offering: Ford Transit Conversions

To provide greater support to its dealers and customers, Diamond Coach proudly announces their portfolio of Ford Transit conversions. 


Since 1989, Diamond Coach has manufactured rust free, impact resistant buses that provide superior resale value.  Offering a smooth, quiet ride, Diamond buses seat 16-28 riders.  These bus solutions are ideal for hotels, transit and parking authorities, healthcare, tour operators, sports clubs, and churches.  Diamond markets its product through a nationwide team of independent dealers, is headquartered in Oswego, KS, and is part of B12 Transportation Group of Kansas City, MO.


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